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My Recent Stories

What’s “Left” To Stitch?

Not going to write much today as there are no finish project or tiny stitching to show off today. Yeah, not able to get the tiny stitching done by the end of the week. However, progress was still there for the “Railway Scene” project and it was a relatively huge…

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“Making” Kage For The First Time

For the longest time I would love to try making my own pattern for my cross stitching project. The only drawback is I’m not the most creative person and I couldn’t draw. Therefore, couldn’t really make a pattern fresh out of my own mind. That’s why all of my cross…

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Railway Scene – New Project

Let’s finally start 2022 with a fresh new big project! If not mistaken, the last big project that I’ve done was finished back in September 2021 with “In Full Bloom” project. The next 3 months from there were just working on a relatively smaller projects. But now, we’re finally get…

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